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Creative Fashion Photography

Any concept, any style, professional, highly detailed fashion images for online catalogs, branding, re-branding, advertising, social media and more.  Contact Meital to book an appointment.

Brosche Bridal.

Brosche Bridal.

Brosche Bridal.

Brosche Bridal.

Brosche Bridal.

Brosche Bridal.

Miss Venezuela.

Miss Venezuela & Miss Universe Canada FW Campaign.

Miss Universe Canada 2017 FW Campaign

Miss Venezuela FW Campaign.

Miss Venezuela FW Campaign.

Miss Universe Canada 2017 FW Campaign

Miss Universe Canada 2017 FW Campaign

Naturally Retro

Always There

Naturally Retro

Double Height

Sassy Bubble

Naturally Retro

Naturally Retro

Daria-i-Noor with Floral Extra Wide Trouser


Blue Skies Forever

The Action Of Being Ready

Vogue Italia. Product of Her Generation.

In The Light

Dramatize And The Rockies


Greater Than Any

Doubts Are Within The Other. Part I.

Doubts Are Within The Other. Part II.

Infinity or Sisyphean. Where Do You Fall.

Anna In A Plum Tone.



If You Only Knew Today’s.

Cylinders And Chocolate.

Who’s Going To Stop Me.

Simultaneous Perception. The Other.

The Other.


Everything Is Connected. Acceleration.

On Track, when you link what you see to what you know.

Before The Ride

Symbiotic Relationship


Get Meital to Contact You.

Facing The Issue.

Violet Night

Shaking The Leaves

Dancing With This Amazing Beauty

Know My Direction.

Must Question Absolutely Everything.

Highway To Never

The Blue Jeans


Illusion. I Need It Fancy.

The Best Starts With M.

Golf And More

In The Light


Blue Light

Diagonal Tone

Blue Flames

Way Downtown

Colors of Portraits

Till The Sun Deliver It’s Light

My Own Master, My Own Vision


Mr. Kass

Fancy Red Light.

Tailored In Red.

Mon Cheri

Retro Blush

Olive Green


Shifting To Mustard

Blue Stripes

***** 5 STARS

Meital (Studios) is a person / company that really cares about its clients and their demands. The service was of great quality and super fast. Will definitely do more business. Thank you for the great work Meital!

28 December 2018

Ferro Watches, Vancouver BC.

***** 5 STARS

It was a great pleasure to work with Meital in completing our project. Meital is an exceptional artist and a photographer which has resulted in beautiful and quality photos! She really cares about her customers and understands what they want from start to finish. We really loved working with Meital and will continue to do so in the future!

29 July 2018

Mozzafiato Watches, Toronto ON

***** 5 STARS

I had a great experience for my first time shooting product photography with Meital. She was a great communicator, professional, competitively priced and delivered our files when we needed them. We will work together again.

07 November 2018

Andrew Hatam, Toronto ON.

***** 5 STARS

Meital is by far the best Photographer we’ve had the pleasure to work with. She’s genuine, passionate, and very easy to communicate with. Would I recommend her to anyone else? Most Definitely.

25 November 2017

Suhaib Rumi, Toronto ON.

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