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Professional Dating Portfolio In Toronto

Craft images with conscious, create superior outcome.


Showcase the finest and most genuine reflection of yourself. Let your higher self radiate brilliantly as we guide and curate a high-impact portfolio.

An online dating profile portfolio is a collection of photos and information representing an individual’s personality and interests; a professionally crafted one not only elevates one’s online presence but significantly increases the likelihood of making genuine and impactful connections.


The Studio

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The Process of Creating a Dating Portfolio


Undergoing a photo shoot is more than just capturing images; it’s about embodying the essence of your ideal you for a day, stepping into the shoes of your divine self. This visual journey narrows the chasm between how you envision yourself and the version you currently perceive in reality. Such an exploration, using visual imagery as a medium, offers a transformative experience that everyone should indulge in, revealing the immense potential within oneself.

Our approach for creating a strong dating portfolio is beyond taking mere images. Strength, power, creativity, timeless elegance, and attitude are essential for making an impact in the fiercely competitive dating industry. At MEITAL STUDIOS, we transform your portfolio into a captivating visual journey that tells your unique story and highlights your true potential.

We infuse each shot with your personality, passion, and style, creating a portfolio that radiates confidence and allure. We blend artistic vision with professional finesse to produce a collection that is not only stunning but also timeless, ensuring you stand out and attract the attention you deserve.

Mentored Photoshoot


Body Language and Facial Expressions

The process of creating a dating portfolio at MEITAL STUDIOS involves comprehensive mentoring and guidance to develop strong body language, emphasis on dynamic poses and captivating facial expressions. We ensure that every image captures your unique essence, combining elegance and timeless appeal to create a powerful portfolio.


toronto fashion photographer

Learn the Art of an Attitude.


Images are Statements

Who you are, what is you passion, what frequency are you tuning to, what is beauty, where do you see fashion. Whether you are an aspiring or advanced model, we pay great attention to understanding your vision and your higher-self through the lens of your imagination as a powerful key element. We believe that anybody can become a model with the right direction, due to the wide range of unique faces and diversity of the type of models, the key is the strength of the image you produce. We take the time to guide you for camera confidence shots.


toronto lifestyle photographer

Unlimited Images


Enjoy unlimited images, providing a powerful tool to learn your body behaviour, explore your movement, and experience how the world sees you. All images taken during the photo shoot will be delivered to you.


Unlimited Outfits


With unlimited outfits you can explore a wide range of looks from casual to high fashion. There is no limit to the amount of style you can have. A fantastic way to maximize the diversity of your portfolio. 


Customized In-House Facial


Our Advanced and Complete Package goes beyond and offers a comprehensive unique facial fully customized, using hand crafted therapeutic formula to give you a true facial treatment and glow, preparing your skin for the ultimate state before and after the photo shoot. A true treat for camera ready.


Professional In-House Hair and Makeup Artist


Take your portfolio and creativity to the next level with professional in-studio hair and makeup artist, classic and timeless look with full guidance to suit your statement.


Wardrobe and Styling


Props and accessories are available for you to use during the photo shoot. Please check with us for available sizes to ensure proper usage.


Dating Portfolio, Here is What You Need:

Dating portfolio includes several key components to showcase the your versatility, skills, and your professional look. Here’s what is commonly included:

Headshots: Close-up photos focusing on the face, showing different expressions and angles. Can be with minimal makeup for a clean look, or styled headshots that elaborate makeup for a glamorous look.

Three-Quarter Shots: Images that show the model from the head to mid-thigh, offering a view that is between a headshot and a full-body shot.

Full-Body Shots: Photos that show the your full figure, highlighting body proportions and posture. Different outfits and styles to demonstrate versatility (e.g., casual, formal, work-related, cocktail style). 

Fun Dynamic Images: Photos that show the your playful character of more dynamic body language and happy lifestyle.

Glamour Images: Designed to showcase a your attractiveness and style. These images typically feature enhanced lighting, makeup, and wardrobe to create a polished and appealing look. The goal is to highlight the individual’s best features and present them in the most flattering way to make a strong impression on potential matches.

Work Images: These images aim to highlight the your expertise and professionalism. They often include elements like proper attire, relevant tools or accessories to give your profile a hint for your occupation. Such images are not mandatory but may contribute your overall profile if you wish to provide a hint for your skills to your viewers.

Which Package Would You Like to Explore


We offer 3 main packages, from entry level to an advanced portfolio. The more you invest in your image, the more comprehensive your portfolio will be. No previous experience is needed – you will be guided for all steps, body language, facial expression, style and flavour. Pick the package best suit you, contact us for preferred date/time and we will take it from there. We look forward to seeing you at the studio!


Complete Package

$5,180 $2,700

Advanced Package

$3,285 $1,850

Entry Package

$1,200 $850

Amazing Clients, See What They Have To Say

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5 Stars


Meital is wonderful to work with! She is friendly and professional, relaxed and fast to catch great images. She created a very welcoming atmosphere and encouraged us to relax and have fun. Thank you Meital for a lovely experience. We will do it again!!

06 July 2024

T.S Toronto ON., Canada

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5 Stars


Photographing in a studio should be every woman’s dream. Meital Studio can turn this dream into reality. There, the studio belongs not only to celebrities and models, but also to ordinary people. Photographer Meital will guide you on the path to your master pieces, record the best version of yourself. You will experience the beautiful special moments of your life, the experience and those beautiful images will continue to inspire you for the rest of your life. I feel very lucky to have met meital, I took some of my best images there.

28 June 2024

M.L.Z, Toronto ON., Canada

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5 Stars


Meital is a genius. She went above and beyond to bring my creative imagination to life. I will definitely work with her again.

11 June 2024

B.E Toronto ON., Canada

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