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Incredible experience! Extremely sweet, so professional. Very creative and truly brings your vision to life. Really cares about you and what you want. Knows how to make you look like the best version of you. Pure pleasure to work with!

Elaine A

Toronto ON Canada, 2018-04-16

Really loved working with Meital. We contacted many photographers for a last minute product and lifestyle shoot and the team was so professional. Every step of the process was great. We look forward to working with Meital again very soon.

Anastassia Boguslavskaya

Toronto ON Canada, 2018-04-14

Very talented and professional, would love to work with Meital again!

Netanya Cummings

Edmonton AB Canada, 2017-08-24

Ok, this is long over due because she is super amazing! Love everything about Meital. Very kind, very professional, and really knows her stuff. She’s so good at directing you during photo shots, she makes even amature looks like a pro. We’re missing you in Calgary Already.

Xpose Beauty - Patti Gold

Calgary AB Canada, 2017-08-23

Visionary and talented, there is no one else who can depict beauty the way Meital can! Plus her professionalism and great personality adds to a great experience. Always happy with the results! Thank you!

Eva Stone

Calgary AB Canada, 2017-08-12

I worked with Meital on 4 different occasions, she is always on time ready to listen to her clients.
Very professional, easy to get along with and a pleasure to work with. She is a talented photographer. She is able to capture your emotions and a true nature if needed; or direct you towards the results a client is looking for. Love working with her. I believe she is the best in the business.

Roksana Nor

Calgary AB Canada, 2017-07-02

Creative excellence! Very fluid with posing direction and setting the tone for the shoot! Highly recommended!

Steve Fielding

Calgary AB Canada, 2017-06-15

Meital is an amazing photographer to work with, she creates a very calm and relaxed atmosphere in such a way that it brings out the very best in you. She is patient and will go above and beyond to give you the best photography experience.

Onyinye Osasuyi

Calgary AB Canada, 2017-04-19

Really easy workflow great results super nice hospitality

Ibrahim Anwar

Calgary AB Canada, 2017-04-11

Definitely one of the best photographers I’ve worked with. She has a BEAUTIFUL studio and was also super welcoming. She made sure all our needs were met and went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable. Overall she’s a tremendously talented photographer who’s dedicated to her craft. After shooting with her for the first time, I will always recommend her services.

Nya Gatbel

Calgary AB Canada, 2017-03-07

I absolutely loved working with Meital Studios! She made everything super easy, and super relaxing.
I have never done a personal photo shoot before, so she gave me the confidence to be comfortable and try my best.
The environment was fun, and her hospitality was amazing! I would love to work with her again.
She has a blessed talent, and I would recommend anybody to check her out!
Thank you so much for such a rewarding experience!

Aguet Deng

Calgary AB Canada, 2017-02-25

One of the most amazing fashion photographers to work with in Calgary! Not only is she extremely talented at what she does but also really helps direct you and always makes you feel comfortable. Meital has such a positive vibe with a unique futuristic style. I loved working with her, she really pushed me out of my comfort zone and taught me a lot! I look forward to working with her again more in the future.


Calgary AB Canada, 2017-02-12

Testimonial *The level of detail and professionalism from Meital is incredible! I cannot say enough wonderful things about her. Without a doubt Meital has a vision and confidence that makes working with her and trusting her with a projects. She is able to capture the essence of your personality. Energetic person with high level of photography skills!


Calgary AB Canada, 2017-01-19

Absolutely amazing I love all the pictures we worked on. Thank you

David Kitutu

Calgary AB Canada, 2016-12-23

Meital is one of the best photographers in the world. She is a perfectionist and will take her time to make sure that she gives you the A shot. She photographed my products as well as my event and I am simply in a loss for words. I highly recommend her for clients who are looking for high quality work that will reflect their brands appropriately. Thank you so much Meital for helping me take my company to the next level!!

Neveen Dominic

Calgary AB Canada, 2016-12-03

This page is beautiful, tastefully simple, and informative and simple to navigate

Ron Dyer

Calgary AB Canada, 2016-11-19

Love love love working with Meital

Adam Thibault

Calgary AB Canada, 2016-11-13

All I can say about Madam Meital is if you are upcoming model or in a need of portfolios ur search should stop at her. She is one of the industry top professional photographer with expertise in fashion industry. I recently worked with her as a makeup artist and saw the guidance she provides models. Her taste has a class which makes her outstanding in her work.I highly recommend Madam Meital if u r looking for tasteful profiling or product photography. She can make anyone look fab and her guidance is top notch.

Sarika Mehta

Calgary AB Canada, 2016-10-19

One of the most amazing fashion photographers to work with in Calgary! Not only is she extremely talented at what she does but also really helps direct you and always makes you feel comfortable. Meital has such a positive vibe with a unique futuristic style. I loved working with her, she really pushed me out of my comfort zone and taught me a lot! I look forward to working with her again more in the future.

Sam Obrigewitsch

Calgary AB Canada, 2016-08-25

My special needs required extra efforts which were very welcomed by Meital studio, quality of work and customer centric approach made it an excellent experience. I was Camera shy but my comfort level increased during working with Meital. Its great experience to have work done by Meital studio and the portfolio created looks natural and amazing. I would recommend 100% to consult with Meital studio.

Waseem Tahir

Toronto ON Canada, 2018-04-09

Meital and her team are amazing. The quality of their work is superb. We had a challenging assignment and they kept working with us. They take a lot of pride in their work and their level of customer service if first class.

Gavin Brauer

Toronto ON Canada, 2018-03-24

Not only is she fun and comforting when doing shoots, but she is very creative and I definitely highly recommend her for her services, highly recommend her to shoot with!

Adam Dobson

Calgary AB Canada, 2017-06-02

It was amazing to work with Meital, who is excellent in transferring motion into pictures. Being Professional, creative and full of energy makes her the best in the industry. We had a lot of fun last time and look forward to working with you again

Xiaojiao Wei

Calgary AB Canada, 2017-05-15

Amazing!! We love Meital’s photography! She did an incredible job with our product photos. Will definitely use her for future work!!

Rhino Balance

Calgary AB Canada, 2017-05-21

Amazing experience for my daughter. Meital was patient and took the time to teach my daughter how to be photographed. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Meital is obviously talented and passionate about photography-so thankful we chose her!

Chandra Lebenhagen

Calgary AB Canada, 2017-05-10

Amazing photographer! Great attention to detail. Willing to go the extra step for her photography. Wonderful person to work with. Cannot say anything less than wonderful about her.

Pauline Yee

Calgary AB Canada, 2017-04-26

Professional Photographer!

Fancy Label - Omar Lababidi

Calgary AB Canada, 2017-04-11

We have worked with Meitel for our customized online linen clothing line. Provided service is remarkable as Meitel is outcome focused, flexible, efficient, effective, punctual and an outspoken professional. She had broken down the shoot into functional streams, stepped out above and beyond in providing dedicated customer service by arranging laundry service for model’s clothing in a timely manner before shoots. Meitel takes her role very seriously and requires no/minimal suggestions during the shoot as she knows all the avenues in photography. Although, Meitel had worked with hand full of e-commerce owners during her past tenures, she had done a brilliant job for Liash and we will definitely like to work with her in the future.
Meitel is always fun to work with, and the pictures taken were nothing but flawless.

Ashok Subramaniam

Calgary AB Canada, 2017-03-27

It was amazing. Not only is she really nice and friendly. But she makes the experience fun, comfortable and very welcoming.

Joyce Anny

Calgary AB Canada, 2017-03-07

My experience with Meital was one of intrigue and influence. She is genuine and humble in nature and exudes confidence that is captivating. Her knowledge and passion of the industry enables her to guide models through a plethora of poses and expressions to capture some of the most invigorating pictures we have seen to date.
She is an amazing person, photographer, and visionary. I would highly recommend her to anyone with a concept, image, or brand they wish to promote. A thousand Thank-you’s Madam. I look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Colton Fortner

Calgary AB Canada, 2017-02-14

AMAZING photographer to work with! Super great energy, creative ideas and all around just a joy to collaborate with! Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a fashion photographer!
Meital is the next big photographer for Calgary. Her passion for what she does brings such a light to her work and having the opportunity to shoot with her was amazing. Her innovation sets her apart and her positive energy makes her so easy to work with! I had such an incredible experience working with her and would do so again in a heartbeat! No complaints

Evan Morash

Calgary AB Canada, 2017-01-20

Meital is amazing person and very talented and creative photographer. My photo shoot with her was so much fun. At the same time the results were very professional and impressive. She was helping and directing me through the whole process, I felt very comfortable working with her. I was enjoying myself, having fun, and have got very fashion pictures. Meital also has lots of awesome clothing and accessories which helps to create a unique look. It was great experience! I really hope that I will have a chance to work with Meital again!!!

Anna Kondretska

Calgary AB Canada, 2016-11-27

Meital is very fun and professional with a ton of creative ideas and I’m very happy with the photos!

Hannah Henderson

Calgary AB Canada, 2016-11-26


Mark L

Calgary AB Canada, 2016-11-26

Was awesome!

Katerina Lisa

Calgary AB Canada, 2016-11-24

So thrilled I had the privilege to work with Meital!! She was welcoming and her studio was set up wonderfully and very professionally. She puts so much effort and creativity into her work and it shows when you look at the shots. She pushed me as a model and I was so pleased about that as well as the AMAZING photos that came from the shoot! Would highly recommend this ladies services for your photography needs!!

Shae-Lyn Woodroffe

Calgary AB Canada, 2016-11-07

Love love love working with Meital she is such a professional, hard working and most passionate being. Her love for her art shines through in her work and she deserves the utmost success.

Simmone Gurira

Calgary AB Canada, 2016-10-16

Nothing but the best by Calgary Fashion Photographer by Meital Studios. Meital’s passion is apparent thru her uniqueness and creativity. Very grateful for this amazing lady!! Mwahh!!

Lucia Materiale

Kindersley, Saskatchewan, 2016-09-22

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