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Child Modelling Portfolio in Toronto

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Key Features to Look Up When Creating Your Child’s Modelling Portfolio

Professional Photography

High-quality, professional photography is crucial. This includes expert lighting, composition, and the ability to capture the child’s best angles and expressions, all of which contribute significantly to the overall appeal of the portfolio.

Diversity of Styles and Settings

A great portfolio showcases a range of styles and settings, from formal studio shots to more casual, outdoor settings. This variety demonstrates the child’s versatility and ability to adapt to different modeling environments and themes.

Authentic Expressions and Poses

Capturing natural, authentic expressions and poses is essential. It’s important to show the child in a comfortable and genuine manner, which can make a portfolio more engaging and relatable.

Personal Branding

Including elements that highlight the child’s unique personality and strengths helps in creating a personal brand. This could be through the choice of outfits, the inclusion of hobbies or interests, or even specific poses that reflect the child’s character.

Unique Concept

A portfolio that follows a unique theme or concept can stand out. This might involve creative styling, in-studio or on-locations, a narrative thread that runs through the photographs, showcasing the child’s ability to tell a story.

Child Modelling Portfolio Packages

Entry Package

$1,200 $850 plus tax.


• Two hours photo-shoot

• 2 Retouched images of your choice


Advanced Package

$2,800 $1,850 plus tax.


• Half a day photo-shoot

• Hair &makeup included

• 5 Retouched images of your choice


What Comes With Each Package

• A sophisticated amazing experiance

• Unlimited images within the available time

• Full guidance for facial expression and body language for desired outcome, no previous experience needed

• Props and accessories available at the studio

• Payment instalments available with Affirm

Prices are in CAD.

Spotlight Success: Crafting Standout Portfolios for Aspiring Child Models

Our studio specializes in creating exceptional children’s modeling portfolios, catering to parents who aspire to showcase their child’s unique personality and talents in the most captivating way.

Understanding the dynamic and vibrant world of child modeling, we focus on highlighting each child’s individuality through top-quality images, recognize that a great portfolio is crucial for making a strong impression in the competitive modeling industry.

Our skilled photographers and creative team work meticulously to capture the essence of your child’s charm, ensuring that every shot reflects their potential. By choosing our studio, you entrust your child’s portfolio to experts who are dedicated to elevating it to the highest level, making it stand out to agencies and clients.

Whether it’s for fashion, commercial, or theatrical representation, our studio is committed to delivering a portfolio that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, providing a significant edge in your child’s modeling journey.

Amazing Clients, See What They Have To Say

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5 Stars


Dropped by for headshots for work, and left with a new appreciation for this form of art. Meital is wonderful to work with, a true professional.

24 January 2024

L.A.Z., Toronto ON., Canada

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5 Stars


Meital is wonderful to work with. I learned a lot from my first photoshoot with her. She has a beautiful way of articulating modelling on camera, and really brings out the creativity in us all to really capture that art in action.

Quite possibly the best photos I've come across thus far. Her work really stands out in your portfolio. If you're looking for impeccably well done photos, look no further.

26 November 2023

N.K, Toronto ON., Canada

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5 Stars


Meital is incredible. She made me feel relaxed, confident and didn’t rush the process even though I came for a simple business portrait shoot. She genuinely wanted me to be happy with the results and gave me great tips during the shoot. I appreciate that! She’s extremely professional and talented. The pictures turned out amazing. I would highly recommend her!

20 October 2023

M.L Toronto ON., Canada

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Studio: Call or Text 416.901.4801

Email: connect@meitalstudios.com

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