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Interpreted By Senses. Pretend

Rule #4: Create Your Pattern

I Breathe For Timeless Femininity

Walk Like A Lady, Hunt Like A Beast

Feeding The Beast

Mission In Progress

Among Others

Mimicry or Blending

Target All

Let Me Be.

Fashion World Magazine

Mission In Progress

Series Above: Walk Like A Lady Hunt Like A Beast

Photographer, Art-Director, Stylist: Meital Netzer-Israel

HMUA: Hailey Rayann

Model: Jana McDonald


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Same Day, Two Hours West. And We Are At The Rocky Mountains

Series Below: Infinity or Sisyphean, Where Do You Fall?

Greater Than Any

Dramatize And The Rockies


Infinity or Sisyphean, Where Do You Fall

Doubts Are Within The Other. Part I

Doubts Are Within The Other. Part II

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