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Are You With Me

Soft Shadows

Are You With Me


Moment Or A Lifestime. Go.

When I Vision

Series: Are You With Me

Photographer, Art-Director, Stylist: Meital Netzer-Israel

HMUA: Amy Maetche

Model: Alexandra Catrina

The Faculty Of My Imagination

Photographer, Art-Director, Retoucher: Meital Netzer-Israel

HMUA: Amy Maetche, Emilia Kuczma-Porebska, Sarika Mehta

Models: Alexandra Catrina, Pauline , Katerina Lisa, Evan Morash



My Internal World, satisfaction of illusion


Fooling Around With Layers

How Does It Work



My Un-explained love for Mannequins and creation. The ability to bring to live our passion and life the daily through constant inspiration.

Inspired by the Greek myth Pygmalion and Galatea

The Raben

Meital – Self Portrait

Marks Free

Sloth – Seven Deadly Sins. Sadness And Self- Care

Meital Internal World – Self Portrait

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