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“The photos you took were a huge success! I literally attribute 70% of my sales to your  ‘juicy’ pictures”

Amazon Vendor

What Other Amazon Vendors Do:

Diaper Bag
Lunch Bento
Pet Immune
Fitness Resistant Bands
Fidget Spinner
Door Handle
Maternity Bag
Organic Coffee Packaging and Process
Shaker Set
Wooden Humidifier
Fitness Sweat Belt

Amazon Vendors, What Do You Need:

  • Ideally, you would like to have a series of 6-8 images of your product.
  • Main image includes your product on a pure white background, no borders and covering 80% of image space.
  • Image optimized for website usage at 72 ppi in JPEG / GIF / PNG format. Anything higher than this image size will result in heavy image size and slow page loading.
  • Image dimensions at 1500 pixels at longest side. Amazon recommends between 1000 and 2000 pixels. We found 1500 pixels at the longest side as an ideal image size before it gets too heavy.

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