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Commercial Photography Cost

Commercial photography cost and pricing cannot be one price fit all, Meital Studios, like other creative photography services in Toronto and or worldwide is an original content creator, meaning each requirement / project requires different approach and vary by many aspects that bring to such estimate and cost.


The key questions:

• How long does it take to produce the requested image(s).

What is your concept? How long does it take to achieve the images you are asking for, typically includes pre production preparations, photo-shoot time and post production time. Preparations could be research time, props shopping, travel time and more. Photo-shoot time is how long we spend on set to photograph the image(s), while one image can takes an hour to create another could last a full photo-shoot day or a week. This vary according to the concept. Lifestyle image(s) for instance takes longer time on set than a typical e-commerce image(s). Post production is retouching and other editing time required to complete the final outcome, advertising image(s) and or glamour image(s) require more post production work.

• The final image(s) size you would like to have the image(s).

Final image(s) delivered at a certain dimension by default, larger image(s) are available and the higher the image(s) you’ll need the higher the cost would be. For example, high end equipment that allow to produce higher image size for example for billboard display will raise the cost of an image(s).

• Who is the end user? how and where will you be using the image(s), commercially, editorially or personally.

Images are intellectual property, the photographer by default is the sole owner of the created image(s) and the you as the client license the image(s) for specific usage and depend on the licensing for a specific time frame. The more freedom you wish to have with the image(s) the higher the cost will be.

Commercial licence means you license the image(s) in order to sell and or promote a product and or a service for the purpose of generating any form of income whether directly or not. Advertising at any scale is example for such usage, brand awareness marketing that does not intend to sell directly a product or a service fall under commercial licensing as well. The larger the distribution is the higher the cost, commercial licensing is limited with usage time frame.

Editorial licence means licensing images for non profit intention, typically for informative purposes, for example the use if image(s) in education or internal company newsletter.

Personal usage license, called also retail photography licensing, means the end user is the client only and the images are being used for personal purpose. Example, a couple fun photo-shoot.


Hope this gives you a quick intro for how commercial photography pricing goes, whatever images(s) you intent to create make sure you are getting the top photographer to work with, high quality images and top customer service will save you a lot of time and money along your way.


This article is a quick informative article to give you a brief explanation about what is involved when it comes to photography rates at Meital Studios, not all photographers works the same and rates, licensing and other decisions vary from one photographer to another.

For any question you may have, please don’t hesitate to contact me at anytime at info@meitalstudios.com and I will be more than happy to answer all your questions.


Thank you,





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Extremely happy with Meital’s work! She completed the job in a timely fashion. For once, I didn’t have to explain what I needed to get done! She knew right away what I was looking for. She is extremely intelligent, intuitive and passionate with her work! Very personable and easy to work with. I will be keeping this gem and continue to work with her in the future!

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